Hello, my name is Rehan and I am a web developer. I’ve been building web sites for a very long time, when there was no Facebook, no Twitter, no Instagram and websites only used to have static web pages. The goal of WebsiteSolo.com and my YouTube channel is to teach people how to build their own websites, that are on par with websites developed by professional web developers and agencies. I understand that most of my viewers won’t have any prior experience or knowledge about web development and they might be starting blank, I also understand that my viewers might either not have the necessary funds to hire a professional web developer / agency or might simply prefer going solo, also they might be short on time and would like to get their website up and running as soon as humanely possible. Accordingly, I prepare my tutorials keeping these three key points in mind.

I am also available to provide help in case any of you might get stuck at any step of my tutorials. If you know someone in your friends, families, work colleages, neighbors etc. who would like to build their own websites independently then do refer them to this blog.

I am easily reachable at [email protected], or otherwise just use the form below to send me a message: